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Taegoon K-Navi Interview 091220

December 22, 2009

Fancafe Entry 091207

December 8, 2009

“The weather is not a joke…ㅋㅋ”

Are you well?

I’m sorry to always say “It’s been a long time”… (but it’s true ^^)

Recently I’ve been coming and going back and forth to Japan~~^^

There will be a concert in Japan on the day of December 11th..^^

I’m frantic with the preparations….

My minihompy can’t be updated lately…

I’m doing almost all the songs from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd album on the concert on the 11th…

I want to show it to you…..ㅜㅜ (Someday…)^^

Anyway!! Since the weather is cold, wear warm clothing when you go out~!^^

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MBC Sebakwi Cuts 091205

December 5, 2009

Download at onlytaegoon

Taegoon & Uee a Couple?

December 4, 2009

Although the photos from Taegoon’s Dressed to Kill photoshoot with After School were released some time ago, Netizens took notice recently of the connections between Taegoon and After School’s Uee.

An image was posted up on an online community with comments like “The shirt of Uee’s looked large, did she give it to him?” and “Body language reveals the secrets of everyone.” and more. Although it just looks like a photoshoot and a case of 2 people owning the same shirt, some people seem to think more. Click read more for the picture.

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TAEGOON Dream Team Cuts 091129

November 29, 2009

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Taegoon and Hello Kitty-“Call Me”-(09.11.01)

November 26, 2009

you saw the pics already and now watch the Video…