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Read before downloading

1. Don’t save Mediafire links to Your Mediafire  account, you know! If we catch someone doing this, we’ll upload videos and audios on premium account and protect ‘em via passwords then you can’t even leech them!

2. For those who can’t download Mediafire: leave a comment and request for your favorite then we’ll use Multiupload .

3. Use Ctrl+F to search

4. Links are Broken? You can kindly email any links you think are broken.

5. Join Videos with HJSplit (if you don’t know the How, don’t try! leave a comment, we’ll put a tutorial here for that, it’s clear anyway)

6. No uploading to other places (blogs, forums .etc). That’s what this page is for. We are here for doing this! we’re highly warning you Don’t take our links and post them elsewhere. Redirect them back to this page instead.

7. Don’t forget to say Thanks! Alrite? It’s our pleasure!

8. Smile and SPREAD his love


Old files updates….

  • Performances

[090626]Dance battle-TaeGoon,AJ&ChungLim.[MFll Cap](cr:clubbox )

[090918]KBS Music Bank.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:yoobinhq)

[090919]MBC Music Core.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:yoobinhq)

[090920]SBS Inkigayo.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

[090924]MnetM!countdown.Betrayed.[MF ll Cap](cr:yesaznmedia)

[090924]MnetM!countdown.I Do.[MF ll Cap](cr:yesaznmedia)

[090925]KBS Music Bank.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:yesaznmedia)

[090926]MBC Music Core.TTL.[MFllCap](cr:clubbox)

[090927]MTV The M.Betrayed.[MFll Cap](cr:TGCN)

[090927]SBS Inkigayo.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

[090927]SBS Inkygayo.MobileRanking.[MFll Cap](cr:ledoquyen)

[091001]MnetM!countdown.Betrayed.[MF ll Cap](cr:cashewmania.wordpress)

[091008]MnetM!countdown.Betrayed.[MF ll Cap](cr:TGCN)

[091009]KBS Music Bank.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:TGCN)

[091009]KBS Music Bank.Digital Kchart.[MF ll Cap](cr:TGCN)

[091016]KBS Music Bank.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

[091017]MBC Music Core.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

[091018]SBS Inkigayo.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

[091023]MBC Dream Forest Concert.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:clubbox)

[091024]MBC Music Core.Betrayed.[MFllCap](cr:conan)

  • Variety shows ( full show)

[090125]MBC Stars Dance Battle.[MFllCap](cr:Ental)

[091031]Quiz To Change The World.Ep30.[MFllCap](cr:Toshare)

[091101]Quiz! Sixth Sense.E122.[MFllCap](cr:Toshare)

[091114]Star Golden Bell.E261.[MF ] [Cuts:Multiupload ](cr:Toshare)

[091122]Quiz! Sixth Sense.E125.[ Multiupload ]

  • Music Videos

[MV]Betrayed_Gomtv l Cap l MF

  • Radio shows

[091112] Mental Break Season 6 Audio  [Multiupload]

[091113] Mental Break Season 6 Audio  [Multiupload]

[091116] Mental Break Season 6 Audio  [Multiupload]

[091117] Mental Break Season 6 Audio  [Multiupload]

[091118] Mental Break Season 6 Audio  [Multiupload]

  • Making Movie

[091103] Osaka Making Movie [Multiupload]


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