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30 Q&A Survey from Taegoon

August 25, 2009


Taegoon had filled out answers in a Q&A survey and posted it on his Daum cafe. He revealed information such as blood type, shoe size, foods, feelings about becoming a singer, and stars he has close relationship to as 2AM, SS501, Bae Seul Gi, others.

The rest of the Q&A answers shall be posted in a later date. Go past the cut for questions and answers.

1. Blood Type / Family / D.O.B
B / Mother, father, younger brother / January 17, 1986

2. Name in Chinese characters

3. School you’re attending?
Korea National University Of Arts (Dance)

4. Height / Weight / Shoe Size
184cm, 73kg, 280
6’0″, 160lbs, 13 (US)

5. Hat Size
7 5/8

6. Favorite food?
Japanese food

7. Foods you dislike?

8. Nickname

9. Cologne/perfume you wear?
None in particular…all is good….z

10. Motto?
If you dream it, you can do it!!

11. Ideal girl?
Faithful to its work…

12. Most prized treasure?

13. Hobby?
Right now,,, I like photography

14. Happiest part of becoming a singer?
Making my parents proud..!

15. Why did you want to become a singer?
It has been my childhood dream.

16. If you weren’t a singer now, what would you be doing?
Getting ready to become a singer

17. What did you feel the night before your debut stage?
I couldn’t sleep… too excited…

18. How did you feel about your debut?
I felt like I was lacking too much…

19. When do you feel best about being a singer?
When I see my fans…

20. What songs on your album are your favorite to sing?
All of them~^^

21. What songs do you want to cover?
I haven’t given it serious thought yet…

22. Artists you wanted to meet?
Master Wheesung

23. Artists you’re close with (aside of Jaejoong)
H-Eugene, Bae Seul Gi, Wheesung, Chung Lim, 2AM Changmin, SS501 Hyung Joon, etc.

24. What artists from Korea do you like?
Master Wheesung, Bi sunbaenim, Se7en sunbaenim, Yoo Seung Jun sunbaenim,,,, too many…

25. Favorite genre of music?

Hip Hop

26. Favorite songs?
I listen to Ne-yo’s songs often..

27. Favorite genre of movie?

28. Dogs or cats?
I don’t want either…z

29. Favorite character?
Ichigo (Bleach)

30. Favorite TV shows?
Manhwa programs

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  1. بهناز permalink
    July 26, 2016 9:34 PM

    I verry miss him??taegoon why not singin


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